Barn Media, 2020


Credits: Composer & Sound Designer

"Tonight we open Flying Sauce. Giffords Circus new takeaway, serving three-course meals to take home, reheat and enjoy."


Barn Theatre, 2020

Credits: Composer & Sound Designer

"It's Shakespeare's Greatest Characters in Lockdown, it's British Theatre at Home, it's Bard From The Barn!"


Barn Theatre, 2020

Credits: Arranger & Producer

RBL Theatre Co, 2019


Credits: Composer & Sound Designer

"Shakespeare's fierce thriller is reimagined with raw power by Reading Between the Lines, in a production where women come to the fore."

Barn Theatre, 2019


Credits: Composer & Sound Designer

"Set in modern surroundings, this timeless Shakespeare classic is cleverly brought up to date and explores the conflict between tradition and modernity in Britain through the lens of a nation at war. A beautiful original score transforms Shakespeare’s work into a modern, mesmerising spectacle of tension and excitement"

     > Henry V: Official Trailer

     > Archive Footage: Agincourt

     > Archive Footage: The Rave


Barn Theatre, 2018

Credits: Composer & Sound Designer

"One Minute is a disquieting portrait of the lives that are united in the single moment it takes for a child to disappear."


The soundtrack for this play utilises a combination of heavily manipulated real world sounds, and digital audio. Mixed in full 5.1 surround for the Barn Theatre's state of the art sound system, the claustrophobic real world ambiences and jarring transitions guide the audience through the troubled lives of these five characters. The themes, both textural and melodic, subtly return and evolve throughout the soundtrack, solidifying one of the play's core themes: the idea of six degrees of separation.

     > One Minute: Official Trailer

     > One Minute Featurette: The Music

     > Learn more about One Minute


INTO & VHS, 2018

Credits: Composer, Sound Designer, Dialogue Editor & Dubbing Mixer

“Bodies is an experimental narrative film that delves into family dynamics, identity, and sexual empowerment. The film also explores magic realism within its genre."


The soundtrack for this short film, directed by Paulo Berberan, is built largely around synthetic drones and drifting chords that compliment the reflective, dream-like narrative. The sound design is delicately intertwined with the music and dialogue to accent the film's themes and adds some organic colour to the otherwise synthetic soundtrack.

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Harry Smith, 2017


Credits: Sound Designer

Systems is a personal project that explores both narrative and technical sound design in the vein of modern sci-fi/war films and games. This project’s main focus is to demonstrate both sound design techniques (such as synthesis and resampling, creative dialogue processing and audio manipulation), and the ability to set pace and create drama without the need for any other media.

Harry Smith & Matthew Watson, 2017


Credits: Composer, Sound Designer & Audio Engineer/Designer

This game was created in collaboration with Bath Spa University Creative Computing student Matthew Watson, who designed the visual assets and built the game. I was responsible for creating all the audio content and implementing it into the game using Wwise, Unity and C# scripts.

     > Learn more about the Wwise project

     > Learn more about the Unity Project and Scripting


Grindr & VHS, 2017

Credits: Composer

"A Safe Place’ is a film that opts for strong visuals and subtle dialogue to tell its story, yet leaves the viewer to interpret its own silence as well."

The subtle yet powerful score for this short film underpins the sensitive topics that A Safe Place explores; it helps the audience relate to the pressures, struggles and ultimately the acceptance of the characters situation. Melodic themes are used in this score, however it's textures and timbres are arguably it's most important thematic features. Extreme time stretching of some of the earliest tracks was used to create sounds and ambiences for the later tracks; this helps to create textural continuity and evoke a sense of gradual evolution that solidifies the dreamy and ethereal qualities of the film.

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